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Thank you for thinking about joining NALA.

NALA is an independent membership based organisation.

NALA's work is about making sure that people with literacy difficulties can fully take part in society and have access to learning opportunities that meet their needs. We want our membership to reflect the interest there is in literacy and numeracy issues in Ireland. We want our membership to show the support there is for NALA’s work.

You can become an individual member or your organisation can join as a member. See our four different types of members below and links to join.

1. Individual Free Membership

This membership is for members of the public with an interest in literacy. It will suit you if you wish to support our work without spending money. It will also suit if you prefer not to receive information by post and are happy to be kept up to date by email.

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2. Individual Paid Membership €25

This membership is for you if you have an interest in literacy and want to receive information about the work we do and literacy news in Ireland and abroad. With this membership you will receive our magazines, you will receive a 50% discount for attending our fee paying conferences and you can use our online bookstore. This membership costs €25 and all the benefits are at the link below.

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3. Small organisation membership

This membership is for local organisations. Examples include: adult literacy centres; Youthreach; National Learning Networks; Community Training Centres; town and city libraries; and community and voluntary sector organisations (smaller non-profits). This membership costs €50.

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4. Large organisations

This membership is for organisations that operate on a county-wide, regional and national basis. This would include: education and training boards; county libraries; county councils; large non-profit organisations; and corporate members. This membership costs €150.

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See below list attached of current (7 February 2018) large and small organisation members.