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Fighting to Bring Literacy to the World

In 2011 NALA became Better World Books chosen charity partner in Ireland and so far, they have raised over €5,000 which we have given to local literacy projects. And this is only the beginning – the more books people buy from Better World Books, the more funding that will become available to support local projects, so start spreading the word!

In case you don’t know, Better World Books sells used books online to raise money for leading literacy charities around the world. Their website is called  A portion of the revenue goes to the organisation that contributed the book, and/ or to one of the non-profit literacy partners.

Help us support Irish literacy projects - buy your books from

Since its founding in the US in 2003 the company has raised $11.6 million for its non-profit literacy, library and college partners and diverted more than 78 million books from landfills. The company opened its UK operation in 2008 located in Scotland and said it has re-used or recycled over 4 million books in the UK so far, raising over £450,000 for  local literacy charities. Whilst they have long standing relationships working with libraries and other large organisations, they also like to hear from other people with spare books too.

Organisations that have got funding from Better World Books:

  • Waterford City Adult Literacy service received €400 for a variety of family literacy tutor packs, including lego, storysacks and lots more.
  • Castleisland Literacy and Adult Literacy Basic Education in Co Kerry deliver family learning courses such as Story sacks and Maths for Fun. They received €500 to buy a greater range of age appropriate books/materials to deliver these courses, for example the Penguin range Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 readers, Maths Books, numeracy supplies (weighting scales/calculators/measuring tapes) and dictionaries.
  • Naíonra Chaitlín Maude pre- and after-school service in West Tallaght, Dublin received €500 to part fund a family literacy project during which parents will learn how to help their children develop six pre-reading skills that will help them be ready to read in school. The project will be delivered with a member of the local library service in Tallaght.
  • An Daingean Adult Literacy Centre received €500 to fund family literacy and numeracy resources.
  • Killarney Adult Literacy & Basic Education Centre received €500 to support a Six Book Challenge in their area.
  • Cork City Library was given €500 to part fund creative writing workshops facilitated by a published author.
  • Killarney Adult Literacy & Basic Education Centre received €273 to purchase books for their ‘Learning through Geography’ and ‘Learning through Gardening’ programmes
  • North Wall Community Training Centre Dublin received €300 to set up a Literacy Library in their Training Centre.
  • Harold’s Cross Adult Learning Group, Dublin received €300 to buy CD readers for ESOL beginner level students and stock a lending library.
  • Tralee Adult Literacy & Basic Education Service received €200 to buy books for the women’s reading circle at their centre.
  • Kenmare Adult Education Centre received €495 to fund a family literacy project for parents and children.
  • St Michaels House/ Ballymun Library received €500 to fund an iPad to support a digital literacy class for children and adults with an intellectual disability.
  • Skibberean Community & Family Resource Centre received €150 to buy family literacy resource material.
  • St Conleth’s Community College, Kildare received €150 to part fund a One Town One Book Project.
  • Limerick Youth Service received €200 to fund a series of personal and social development programmes for literacy students.
  • Sligo VEC received €300 to set up a library for adult literacy students.


Help generate funding - start collecting books today!

A corporate book drive allows community members or employees to donate their gently used books to raise money for literacy.  The program is easy to implement, costs nothing and will help generate funding for a literacy initiative!


What supplies and support does Better World Books provide?

Better World Books makes it easy and convenient to run a Corporate Book Drive.  At no cost, they provide collection boxes and shipping cartons.  Their representatives will support you during the drive and arrange shipping the supplies to you and the books to them.


How do you get started?

Email with the following information;

  1. Date to start and end your corporate collection (below information must be provided no later than 2 weeks before the start of the drive to get everything in place)
  2. Number of sites you would like to collect books
  3. Contact person for each site (phone, email and address).
  4. Main contact person for the entire collection
  5. Charity you would like to support (National Adult Literacy Agency)
  6. Supplies needed for each location
    1. Collection Bins (396x301x722mm cardboard boxes for collecting books-pictured)
    2. Shipping Boxes (each box holds about 30 books, these also may be ordered on the client portal once total books collected are known).


What happens next?

  1. Better World Bookswill create a tracking system for your books.
  2. Each of the site contacts will receive access to the Better World Books client portal where they can order more supplies and ship their full shipping boxes.
  3. Our logistics team will send out your supplies, these take about 3 days to arrive. If they haven’t arrived in this time please email call (0)1383 841 437 immediately.


You’ve collected all of your books, and packed them in shipping boxes, what now?

  1. You can arrange collections automatically through the Portal. Click on 'Ship My Books' on the left-hand menu. If you have fewer than 25 boxes use the UPS option, if you have more use the “Freight” option. The generated labels must be printed on plain paper and taped to the boxes.
    1. For UPS collections; use the "Schedule Pickup" in the client portal and choose the day you would like them collected. Remember to keep them as near to the door as possible to make it easy for the drivers. 
    2. For Freight, you will be contacted by our logistics team within 24 hours, alternatively you can contact directly at or (0)1383 841 437.